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Why You Must Submit Your Shopping Website to a Web Directory

Having a strong web directory listing is an important part of any local SEO strategy. It helps drive new visitors to your website, increase brand awareness, and provide a human touch for potential customers.

In the early days of the internet, directories ruled the roost. The main reason for their existence was to help people find their favorite sites. As the number of websites increased, directories became less useful. They were a waste of time for most websites.

Today, directory sites are more specialized. They may even have an exclusive section for quality sites. These may be a good idea for you if you're an established site, but they might be a waste of time if you're just getting started.

The main drawback to using web directories is that they can be manipulated. You can pay for inclusion, add your own link, or allow others to add yours. The latter can lead to fewer listings.

While directories are still a part of online marketing, they are no longer the king of SEO. Instead, Google's algorithm is moving towards authenticity. In fact, web directories have been proven to be a small ranking factor.

However, they still play a role in generating leads. For instance, consumers often look for a business in a specific niche. In addition, proximity to their location is still an important factor. If you can offer a stellar customer experience, your ratings on directories are likely to improve.

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